Established in 1970
Manufacturing Presses for
Precision Metal Stamping

ING YU was established in 1970 and specialized in the manufacturing presses for
precision metal stamping, progressive die stamping and complex metal forming.

Be Different

To create a valuable chain of knowledge

To innovate in the field of technology, production, service education and marketing in order to raise the company value. To create a valuable chain of knowledge within the company, the clients, the employees and the associated factories advancing to a sustainable enterprise.

Keep Walking

Become a world known brand

To increase the product value by improving its function quality, delivery day and cost of product by using the advanced hardware, software and facilities enhance the competitiveness and become a world known brand.

Hand in Hand

To establish a good partnership

To establish a good partnership with customers and suppliers in order to achieve the customer's satisfaction and to grow to maturity with clients. To integrate the company, the colleagues and the associated factories into a harmonious INGYU culture by the pride and conscious of INGYU and to fulfill the obligation towards the society.

Quality Control
We Believe That Design is
the Key to Quality

The performance of the press is predictable during the developing stages.

Q.A. Procedures
Parts determines the
Quality of finished

INGYU have the best processing machines and well-trained technician to
make the key parts such as frame, crank, plunger and etc.

Quality is the One and Only Means

Not noly quality control of component pars, but Static JIS inspection,
Deformation, Output tonnage and Dynamic B.D.C. inspection are also
our Standard procedures.

Create the Value

INGYU will keep the spirit of creating the value for customers in mind
and offer the best quality press to meet customer's requirement.