Conversion Press

High Speed Precision Press

Mass Manufacturing

H125 is outstanding for mass manufacturing of easy open ends for beverage and food can.

6 points crank supporting

Bushings and bearings are applied to resist deflection and reduce stress. Hydro-dynamic bushings help to reduce friction therefore shaft can move smoothly.

Temperature control system

Oil temperature stabilized during stamping. Heating system maintains press frame temperature while machine stops for trouble shooting.

Slide guiding system

Dual plungers isolate slide from front-to-rear movement of con rods. Hydro-static bushings help to keep exceptional parallelism accuracy.

Slide quick lifting

Quick lift feature raises slide up 70mm to clear die problems and slide return to original shut height after trouble shooting.

Shut height adjustment

Shut height adjusts up to 10mm by changing bolster height manually.

B.D.C. compensation system

B.D.C. compensate feature is available to adjust shut height according to die loading variation.

Control System
Siemens Colorful Automatic Computer Control System

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Option For Container Press
Downstacker / Tabbing Feeder /
Belt Transfer

Downstacker / DF-4

Tabbing Feeder / FDG-120

Belt Transfer / FDF-250

Downstacker / DF-4

Tabbing Feeder / FDG-120

Belt Transfer / FDF-250

Machine Specification
Spec / Type Unit H125-Canning
Capacity ton 125
Stroke mm 40
Max speed spm 700
Shut height mm 380
Quick lift mm 70
Bed area mm 1400 x 1000
Spec / Type H125-Canning
Capacity 125 tons
Stroke 40 mm
Max speed 700 spm
Shut height 380 mm
Quick lift 70 mm
Bed area 1400 x 1000 mm