Shell Press

High Speed Precision Press

Sheet Feeding Press
PS100 helps to make high quality shells

INGYU offers high speed presses for both coil shell and sheet feeding systems to meet varying production requirement.

Conversion Press
5 plungers

Plungers locate at center and 4 corners which output downward forces to Against front-to-rear and left-to-right eccentric loading.

4 guiding gibs

Guiding gibs are applied to absorb the sideward thrust during stamping Assure excellent vertical accuracy.

Dynamic balance counter weight

Seesaw type dynamic balancers reserve upper die weight which make Slide moving smoothly.

Slide quick lift

Quick lifting feature raises slide up 80mm to clear die problems and Slide return to original shut height after trouble shooting.

Option For Shell Press
Push & Pull Servo Feeders / Sheet Feeding System

Sheet Feeding System

Push & Pull Servo Feeder

Machine Specification
Spec / Type Unit PS-100
Capacity ton 100
Stroke mm 50
Max speed spm 300
Shut height mm 380
Quick lift mm 80
Bed area mm 1300 x 800
Spec / Type PS-100
Capacity 100 tons
Stroke 50 mm
Max speed 300 spm
Shut height 380 mm
Quick lift 80 mm
Bed area 1300 x 800 mm